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Butterfly Conservation

Saving butterflies, moths and our environment

Cornwall Branch

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General advice note on mitigating the impacts of roads on butterfly populations PDF

The Cornwall Butterfly Observer

Butterfly Handbook

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Field Trips Guide Notes

Cinnabar caterpillar on ragwort

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Places to find butterflies

Our Locations page has all the popular places to find butterflies in Cornwall.

We are also producing detailed information leaflets on each site for download. The currently available leaflets are listed below for viewing. More will be added in the near future.

Greenscoombe Wood

Upton Towans

Do you enjoy colouring in?

Colouring in is currently very popular and can be fun and engaging for adults and children alike. Here are some butterflies you can print out and colour in. More of these will be created so check back from time to time as we add them to the website. Click the links below for each design:


Small Tortoiseshell

Design 1


Cornwall Butterfly Conservation's own local newsletter in PDF format.

Butterfly Observer 33 Winter 2006

Butterfly Observer 34 Spring 2006

Butterfly Observer 35 Autumn 2006

Butterfly Observer 36 Winter 2007

Butterfly Observer 37 Spring 2007

Butterfly Observer 38 Autumn 2007

Butterfly Observer 39 Winter 2008

Butterfly Observer 40 Spring 2008

Butterfly Observer 41 Autumn 2008

Butterfly Observer 42 Winter 2009

Butterfly Observer 43 Spring 2009

Butterfly Observer 44 Autumn 2009

Butterfly Observer 45 Winter 2010

Butterfly Observer 46 Spring 2010

Butterfly Observer 47 Summer 2010

Butterfly Observer 47B Autumn 2010

Butterfly Observer 48 AGM-Spring 2011

Butterfly Observer 49 Summer 2011

Butterfly Observer 50 Autumn 2011

Butterfly Observer 51 AGM 2012

Butterfly Observer 52 Summer 2012

Butterfly Observer 53 Autumn  2012

Butterfly Observer 54 AGM 2013

Butterfly Observer 55 Summer 2013

Butterfly Observer 56 Summer 2014

Butterfly Observer 57 Winter 2015

Butterfly Observer 58 Summer 2015

Butterfly Observer 59 Winter 2015/6

Butterfly Observer 60 Summer 2016

Butterfly Observer 61 Spring 2017

Butterfly Observer 62 Autumn 2017

Butterfly Observer 63 Spring 2018

Butterfly Observer 64 Autumn 2018

Fully referenced version of the Citizen Science article from issue 64.

Butterfly Observer 65 Spring 2019

CBC reports

Reports are created in order to assess the work we do and understand the state of butterflies in Cornwall. Based on the conservation we do and the rationalisation of data we collect they help inform understanding and future work. We are including some to download below and hope you will find them interesting and informative too.

3 butterflies by Jim Barker - January 2017 - transect data on 3 common garden butterflies.

Comparison by Jim Barker - January 2017 - transect data showing increase decrease trends.

3 browns by Jim Barker - January 2017 - comparison of Speckled Wood, Gatekeeper & Meadow Brown.

Our Blues over the years by Jim Barker 2017 - Comparison of Holly, Common and Silver-studded Blues.

Common and Holly Blue by Jim Barker 2017 - More details.

Transect News - End of July 2017 by Jim Barker

Transect News - End of June 2017 by Jim Barker

BAP species transect report by Jim Barker. Last three years figures with emphasis on BAP species.

Quiz for children (and adults!)

Read the following leaflets: Gardening for Butterflies, Garden Moths, some common species and Caterpillars a brief guide.

Now answer the questions in each of the three pages here. Have fun!

Wider Countryside Butterfly Survey reports




Chairman’s report 2018

Read all about the work of Cornwall Butterfly Conservation in the Chairman’s annual report for 2018.

AGM minutes 2018

Read and download the minutes from the 2018 AGM here.

Marsh Fritillary larval web survey pdf form. This is an editable form that can be completed, saved and returned electronically. For registered volunteers only.

Larval web survey form

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Casual sightings form

Butterfly flight calendar

Click here for an Excel file showing when each species is flying.

Guidelines on the recording and the system used by CBC can be found here.

Recording Guide Notes